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Lippert International

  • The first company was founded in Bedford, Quebec (Canada) in 1967 by Robert Lippert.

  • The first product was a braided material, sub-contracted out to be finished.

  • In 1977 Robert Lippert passed away and his wife, Nelda Lippert took over the company.

  • In 1976 Nelda’s son in law Andre Corriveau got involved to help run the business operations.

  • In 1984 L’Nell Corriveau (Nelda’s daughter) bought the majority of the business shares from her mother. Thus becoming Andre’s partner and the new President of the company.

  • The same year the company moved locations to Magog, Quebec ( Canada).

  • In 1985 the company moved again to a larger facility in Rock Forest, Quebec ( Canada).

  • In 1986 Warren Robinson joined the team as V.P. of Sales.

  • On November 5, 1987 Lippert Pintlepin Mfg. Inc. was formed.

  • In March 1988 a large fire spread throughout the shop and burned most of the materials as well as part of the building. With much help from the insurance company and support from the customers, Lippert was back in production the next week.

  • In 1990 the first enlargement was started on the Rock Forest building.

  • In 1992 the ISO quality plan was implemented.

  • 1995 the new building was inaugurated.

  • 1995 James Corriveau (L’Nell and Andre’s first son) started to work part time for Lippert.  He advanced through Production Manager, R&D Manager and President of the manufacturing site before moving on to work for another company.

  • In 1997 Robert Corriveau (the second son) moved from the production process to working in the sales department with Warren Robinson. Today he manages the sales department of the new company in Barbados, Lippert International.

  • Michael Corriveau (the third son) began working part time at Lippert in 1996. Today he is the General Manager of the production site.

  • In 2001 Jose Infante joined the sales force. He was previously employed by Lippert in the production process.

  • In March 2003 Lippert International was founded in Andorra. Andre, L’Nell, and Robert moved to Europe in response to customer needs and to further develop those markets.

  • Jose moved to Spain and opened the new European sales office in Madrid.

  • August 2005, the head office of Lippert International was moved from Andorra to Barbados. Subsequently a new North American sales office was opened in Barbados to better serve this market.

  • Today Lippert International serves customers in the industries of paper machine clothing and light weight industrial conveyor belting in approximately 30 countries worldwide.
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