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Plastic Spool Advantages

  • Protects the monofilament during shipment and storage.

  • Prevents multi-strand pintle pin monofilaments from tangling.

  • Compact and easy to use design.

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STEP 1. Undo the blue twist tie holding the spool to the metal wire, remove the
label and retie the twist tie in order to support the monofilament to the spool.

STEP 2. Undo the white
twist ties.
STEP 3. Remove the red twist tie indicating
the beginning of the metal wire
(be careful while unwinding the wire leader).

STEP 4. Insert the wire leader into the spirals, up to the opposite extremity. Remove the
blue twist tie, insert a pencil in the hole of the spool and pull on the wire in order to only leave
the monofilament in place. Cut the wire and tie the monofilament to the conveyor belt.


In order to avoid injuries, handle the unwinding wire leader with care once the red twist tie has been removed. Further, a movement too sharp in manual insertion may damage the tip of the pintle pin.

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