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why select a split pintle pin  
When you need a smaller connection sleeve diameter without decreasing the number of strands you want in your seam the split pintle pin is perfect for you. It's design allows you to keep the same diameter and number of monofilament strands while reducing the connection sleeve size.

Pintle pin where the leader is linked, by main sleeve, to one or several monofilaments and a
metal wire. The metal wire is then linked to additional monofilaments by another sleeve.

Materials used with this type of pintle pins:

Lead Wire, Braided Nomex®, Nylon, Polyeter ether Ketone (PEEK),
Plastic Covered Twisted Wire, Twisted Wire, Polyester and PVDF.

(See selection guide of each material to know specifications caracteristics,
usage & dimensions available of monofilament).

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Enlarged to show type of quality assembly.
Fluorescent paint (optional
yellow or orange) can be
applied on the tip of the pintle
pin lead wire to facilitate the
link with sleeve
link with monofilament

Note: For tight seams we have a lubricant to facilitate the insertion of the
monofilament into the belt seam.

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