Lippert International has a large variety of pintle pin materials in different types and diameters. Making it easier for you to order pintle pins custom made for your unique applications. We will also hold your material on consignment for pintle pin construction upon request.

The Lead wire of a monostrand pintle pin is ideal for facilitating the task of seaming your belt fabrics. It allows you to quickly and easily seam a single strand of monofilament through your belt fabric seam.

The multiple strands of the multistrand pintle pin help fill the entire space in the loops of your belt fabric seam, decreasing the total free space left in the seam. This lowers the wear and increases the life of the seam.

*Lubricant container *Only to rewind pin Swivel and adjustable claw
Push latch to unlock

You will appreciate the multiple advantages and characteristics of the insertion device.
  1. Easy to use.
  2. Avoids damage to the pintlepin.
  3. Increases the speed of pintlepin installation.
  4. Automatic lubricating system.
  5. Pivoting head.
  6. Adapts to our plastic reel.
  7. Ergonomic design.
  8. Solid and efficient conception.
  9. Attaching system to the felt / conveyor.
  10. Light, compact and strong.

Inquire about our insertion device; you will receive only benefits.

Contact us at any time. It is always a pleasure to discuss any projects or help to explain any of our products and services that would adapt to your projects.

*See instruction manual

Pintle Lubricant Have you had problems seaming the monofilament of the pintle through a tight seam and don't want to change the pintle cable diameter? Try our Pintlepin lubricant; our silicone based formula has been specifically designed to lower the friction resistance while protecting the monofilament from any degradation.


  • Any tight seam including Spiral Lace seams, Press Felts and Dryer Fabrics.


  • Specifically designed to lower friction resistance allowing the pintlepin to seam easier without damaging the spirals or seam loops.


  • Easy and safe to use, just apply lubricant to monofilament.
  • Has been tested for chemical and heat degradation to polyester and peek monofilaments.
  • Available in a spray bottle for ease of use.
  • Also available in a small applicator bottle for use with our new Reel with Pintlepin Inserting tool.
  • Available in both regular and FDA approved formula.

Lippert International provides many custom made pintle pins for all types of conveyor belt seams. Contact one of our representatives today for more information.